Our history

The Transvaal Memorial Institute Building houses two nursery schools – the Johannesburg Hospital Special Need Nursery School and the Stimulation group for blind and visually impaired (VI) babies, which grew into a nursery school for VI children. A decision is made to pool resources and the nursery schools combine to form the Johannesburg Pre-School.

The Johannesburg Pre-School merges with the JHB Hospital School, eventually becoming the ECD phase of the Johannesburg Hospital School with split campuses. The Children’s disABILITY Centre raises funds to acquire additional educators, assistants and resources. At this time the neuro-development clinic notes an increase in the number of children with Autism and a lack of services for children from less fortunate homes. It is decided to starts a stimulation class for children with ASD (Autism).

The Children’s disABILITY Centre is registered as a NPO, Sec 21 Co and gains 18a status.

Due to an increase in demand a senior class is made available for children older than 12 years.

The parents of the senior phase requests that it becomes part of the GDE- JHS structure.

The CdC starts raising funds for the Foundation and senior phases and (in close association with the national body Autism SA) identifies the need to provide training that will empower educators, therapist and parents to provide disability-specific care and intervention. The Fishbowl Skills Development Programme is developed and implemented at JHS with great success.

The CdC decides to focus their service delivery on training and outreach and begins to train educators, therapists and parents countrywide with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

CdC starts their Informal Settlement outreach – taking the Fishbowl Skills Development Programme to four special schools/centres in the informal settlements around Johannesburg, training educators, therapist and parents as well as assisting them in implementing the Fishbowl approach.

The Children’s disABILITY Centre changes it name to Children’s disABILITY Training Centre (CdTC).

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