About Us


Legal Entity: Children’s disABILITY Training Centre
Section 21 Co status: 2006/034857/08
NPO No: 055-715
PBO No: 930023931


The Children’s disABILITY Training Centre currently assists:
± 300 VI children – assessing & diagnosing children with visual impairment from birth to 3 years.
± 1000 ECD children (3 to 6 years) in informal settlements.
±700 Foundation phase children (6 to 10 years) in informal settlements.
In the training of ± 1000 educators by means of the Fishbowl Skills Development Programme.
With educational support to 500 professionals by providing additional training on how to address children’s barriers to learning.
Stimulation Centre for toddlers (18mths – 3 years).


CdTC has positioned itself to reach out to children with disabilities, especially those from impoverished backgrounds who don’t have ready access to the specialised care they require. Our specialised programmes include:

  • Unlock Series (educational support to learners with learning barriers, especially those in mainstream and special need schools)
  • Unlocking behavioural and emotional needs of children with learning barriers
  • Unlocking the support needs of children with ASD
  • Unlocking literacy for learners with learning barriers
  • Grade R – developing the essential prerequisite skills for success in early reading and spelling skills
  • Grade 1 – The essentials of a reading programme
  • Grade 2 – The essentials of a reading programme
  • The Fishbowl Skills Development Programme (ASD Specific)
  • Visual Impairment Clinics at the Neuro Developmental Paediatric Department of Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital.

This includes:
Assessment clinics for visually impaired children:  Early assessment of children from birth to 3 years with visual impairment, blindness and autism to determine the nature and severity of the disability and tailoring an intervention programme for each child (done by a Neurological Developmental Paediatrician, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist Speech Therapist, Optometrist & Social Worker).

Follow-Up clinics for the medical management of visually impaired children: Therapy and implementation of the intervention programme for each child (done by a multidisciplinary team).

Visual-only therapy clinics by a multidisciplinary team for visually impaired children only:  Therapy and implementation of the intervention programme for each child (done by a multidisciplinary team).

Multi-handicapped group clinic: Tailored for multi-handicapped children, comprises visual impairment handling techniques, assisting with home programmes and supplying a developmental support network (done by a multidisciplinary team).